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Jared Hirst, James NaprawaNat Hornyak, Kristina Bacich Fragile-era Yes meets Kamelot. Frank Zappa meets Fiona Apple. It’s hard to summarize the diverse array of sounds Cabinets of Curiosity puts down, but guitarist and songwriter James Naprawa definitely has his own ideas.

“There are so many talented prog metal bands out there, but we really wanted to touch on what made the classic era of prog so magical,” says Naprawa. “Sometimes that means getting super technical and torturing my bandmates with insane time signatures, but one thing I love about bands like Yes, Rush, and Genesis, is that it’s always musical. It’s always hummable. That’s what we want to bring to the table, but with a fresh, 21st century twist.”

What would become Cabinets of Curiosity formed over the course of several months in 2015. Long-time friends and bandmates James Naprawa (guitar) and Jared Hirst (bass) decided they wanted to turn their attentions from metal to a more classic progressive rock sound, a la Yes, King Crimson, and Jethro Tull, whom they recently had gotten into in a big way.

Gradually, the lineup grew to include Matt Montagano on drums, Joe Oliver on keyboards, Anthony Warga and Kristina Bacich on saxophone and flute, and Nat Hornyak on vocals. By November, they’d locked in a lineup, and began their conquest of prog rock glory in earnest.
Kristina Bacich, Anthony Warga Matt Montagano, Joe Oliver

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